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Professional Content Writer, Editor and Strategist

Ready to take your content production and marketing up a notch? I'm the resource to do just that. After beginning my career in public relations, I spent some time working in publishing before finding my passion for marketing and digital content. In my experiences working for a digital agency, I have become proficient in writing content that serves a purpose. Whether trying to inform, sell, entertain, establish authority or convert, my copy is focused on the user, their intent and providing the exact solution they are looking for. 

In addition to my ability to write quality, user-driven content, I am also skilled in SEO copywriting, content strategy, content planning and copy editing. When you need fresh content for a website or marketing campaign, I will take the time to understand your goals and requirements to create the right strategy. This includes figuring out where your users are, how to reach them and what they do online. Once we have an audience focus, I will provide content services that accomplish the right task at the right time in the right place, no matter what the channel or medium. 

Whether starting from scratch or looking for an improvement on current materials, my professional expertise can take your content from OK to outstanding. It's content with purpose — to work for you.

About Me

I have a genuine love for writing and an appreciation for the power of content marketing. My background spans public relations, journalism, publishing and digital marketing, and this blend of experiences gives me the ability to approach strategy from different perspectives. I’m a self-professed grammar snob with experience writing, editing and managing content and supervising writers. My limitless thinking and perfectionist work ethic result in exceptional copy and smart messaging that exceeds client expectations, no matter the topic, writing style or channel.

Content is much more than words on a page. Quality content attracts customers, creates advocates and delights an audience. Whatever the industry or topic, I take the time to get to know my clients, their goals and their current situation to give them the most beneficial content and recommendations. Then I dive into their market and who their customers are to create content that answers questions, entertains and educates. I don’t just create high-quality, content, I create content that works for you.

Summary of QualificationsJessica Ropolo

  • Experienced copywriter, editor and strategist with demonstrated success in creating and managing quality, engaging and clean content
  • Proven aptitude in developing content for multiple industries to accomplish various business goals, including driving conversions, increasing brand awareness and showing client expertise, while utilizing varying voices, tones and formats to reach the specific target audience on every device
  • Working knowledge of user experience as it relates to websites, applications and software, as well as information architecture and user paths and behavior
  • Extraordinary customer focus and ability to foster lasting professional relationships through regular communication, satisfied deadlines, consistent production of high-quality deliverables, and achieved business objectives
  • Excellent at prioritizing, communicating throughout an organization, and working within cross-functional teams

When I’m not deep in the world of words, I spend time with my husband (and min-pin) watching sports, enjoying the warm Phoenix weather, and traveling to beachy destinations.

If you are looking for content assistance, contact me to discuss how I might be able to help.


Consider me your one-stop resource for everything content. Whether you need a content assessment and plan, quality copywriting or some simple editing, I can handle it all. Let me know your goals and I will help you find the most effective way to get there through the use of compelling, useful content. From creating landing pages and marketing emails to building out and organizing content for an entire website, my experience and expertise cover it all.


Copywriting isn't just throwing together sentences with relevant keywords. It's the art of putting the information people need, where they need it. It's about connecting with an audience and guiding them to what they are looking for on the easiest path available. My copywriting services include written content for SEO, websites, blogs, emails and collateral, and factor in user experience across devices.

Copy Editing

Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation are not negotiable. I can spot errors from a mile away and strive for consistent perfection in every piece of content I review. But I don't just fix the mechanics. My experiences in publishing and copywriting have also taught me how to look for opportunities to improve clarity, flow and readability. With my help, you can ensure the copy is focused and in-line with the targeted messaging.

Content Audit & Strategy

If you currently have content, but it isn't performing like you want it to, it might be a good time to perform an audit to uncover areas for improvement. These could include finding ways to change messaging focus, distribution strategy, website organization or content structure and layout to better meet the needs of the target audience. After all, the key to effective strategy is knowing the audience and establishing yourself as a reliable resource.  

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be extremely effective at increasing brand awareness, authority and engagement. Based on a company's specific goals, content can be created and distributed along every step of the sales funnel. This starts with creating a content calendar based on user-focused topics, and then building of a distribution plan based on where users hang out online. Successful content marketing puts the right info in the right place at the right time.

My Work

My experience includes writing for a variety of channels, formats and mediums, including blogs, website pages, infographics, marketing emails, social media, applications and print materials. Whether the goal is to convert or simply provide information, I know how to craft content that effectively achieves desired outcomes. Please review my gallery of work samples below to see the variety of styles, purposes and industries I have successfully written for.

Allstate Blog Post

Knight Transportation Web Content

ANS Website Content

Allstate Toolkit Microsite Content

ANS Case Study Content

XXIV Karat Homepage Content

Press Release Content

Press release example content

Allstate Infographic Content

Best Western Email Content

ScriptSave Case Study Content

Splyt Easy Landing Page Copy

SEO Sales Sheet

Web Copy for Elected Official Vertical

Web Content for Landscape Vertical

Website Content for Legal Vertical

Contact Jessica

If you are in need of a professional content writer who is adept in strategy, planning, SEO and user experience, you’ve landed at the right place. I’m happy to get in touch to discuss my skills and qualifications and how they may fit your particular needs. To reach out, please fill out the form below. Please view my resume for additional information.